Knife Care & Warranty

Knife Care

Treat 'er well. Every knife is hand crafted and unique in its own way. Even though they are designed to be used and abused please take care of this gem!

  • Hand wash after every use. For the love of Marty, PLEASE don't put these beauties in the dishwasher. Hand. Wash. Only.
  • Keep the edge sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife. 
  • Cut smart. Although these babies could be taken into the Amazon don't go crazy with your cutting. Intended use is on a cutting board or appropriate base. 



Let us know what happened! We'll take care of it no questions asked. Contact us to to tell us the problem and we would be happy to repair any unforeseen damage. Then carefully package your knife and send it to: 

TC Cutlery
1440 TC Drive
Victor, ID 83455